Why Should I Hire You Over Other Candidates?

One Of The Most Common Questions You Want To Answer Well

This is a very straightforward question that will either build on or detract from the opinions your interviewer has already formed about you. As the candidate, your answer to this question could very well determine if you get the job because who knows better than you the nuances of your character that serve to make you a good choice for the job? This question gives you an opportunity to demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the position. Offer an honest assessment of your ability to contribute to the company as a productive team member.

Possible Answer: Feelings are Fickle

“You should hire me because I’ll be great at this job. I feel like I can really help the company and I’m excited at the prospect of working here.”

When it comes to job performance,it matters very little how you feel. So don’t offer answers that are subjectively based. While confidence is a great asset and passion for the work is a valuable impetus for getting things done,nobody really cares what your feelings say. The only things that truly matter are the measurable results you’ve experienced in the past and how you’ll maintain or improve on your previous performance in the future. When you say things like,“I feel,” you offer me no hard facts on which to base my decision. If I don’t feel the way that you feel about your potential,you’ve done nothing to persuade me otherwise. One of the key detractors to maintaining your professionalism is being led by your emotions.

Possible Answer: Pointing the Finger

“You should hire me over the other candidates because you’re not going to find anyone else with my experience and skill set. Frankly,they’re not as sharp as I am and not as driven. I’m motivated and I can add value to your company.”

Arrogance is never the impression you want to leave with an interviewer of hiring manager. The question posed was about you and you should limit your response to what you know for sure about you. If you forego an opportunity to highlight your achievements in favor of a chance to degrade your competitors,you will likely be seen as arrogant,petty,and self-serving. No one wants a team member who is arrogant, petty and self-serving. Possessing those qualities is a surefire way to get you to the top of a prospective employer’s Do Not Call list.

Best Answer: I Understand The Mission

“Your company has a reputation for being innovative and building great products. The challenge you face is in getting the word out and making sales. I have been working in Business Development for 11 years. Over the course of my career I’ve had the opportunity to really cultivate a skill set that helps me to plan and achieve objectives that result in increased sales. As a Consultant with Jersey,Inc.,I was responsible for increasing traffic on the company’s website by 280% in fewer than 60 days. When I handled Development for Lipide Corporation,I was appointed by my peers to head a team that was able to create three separate streams of income that increased revenue by 24% without adding a dime to the company’s overhead. I’ve worked with dozens of people from various different backgrounds and I’ve learned to make team-building a habit. I recognize that I’m not the only person you’ve called who is qualified to do this job,but my commitment is to this company’s vision and you should hire me because I will leverage my experience and expertise to accomplish your immediate and long-term goals.”

This is your chance to line up your qualifications with the position description. You want to make sure that your answer speaks honestly about your skills and the abilities you possess that make you the right choice for the job. Your answer should highlight your achievements and strengthen the interviewer’s confidence in your ability to perform the required duties. You want your interviewer to walk away absolutely convinced that you are the person for the job.

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